The EVOS PVD system utilises the latest technology to deliver the best performance, robust reliability and lowest cost of ownership in its class, all packaged into a very small footprint. The EVOS is easily configurable and changeable between 100mm, 125mm,150mm and 200mm wafer sizes.

PVD Cluster Tool

The EVOS® PVD Cluster Tool is a modular and flexible designed PVD system with a small footprint and flexible architecture that can accommodate from 100mm – 200mm wafer sizes and carriers for multiple samples/pieces. Modern design, industry standard components and ease of use make for reliable and affordable Cost of Ownership.

 The EVOS cluster system is suitable for both R&D and full manufacturing due to the ease and repeatability of the fully automated EVOS control system, simple recipe building and repeatability mean reliable processes.

The system footprint is smaller than similar capability cluster PVD systems, meaning you can utilize cleanroom floorspace more efficiently. The load and unload cassette chambers can also be wall integrated to allow the system and ancillary equipment to be located chase side and the load/unload in the cleanroom. The innovative wafer handling design means it is perfectly set up for processing thin and non- standard wafers.

Multiple configurations and options available on request, such as heating, cooling, plasma cleaning, de-gas, RF/DC, reactive deposition, valve and pumping options to suit process and budget.

EVOS PVD Cluster Tool is a modular and flexible designed PVD system with a small footprint and flexible architecture.
Deptec manufacture the EVOS range of PVD systems, plus support/refurbish/upgrade Varian PVD and Novellus PECVD toolsets.
EVOS PVD system

Example Configuration

  1. HT Degas and RFT Etch Pre-clean
  2. PVD
  3. PVD
  4. PVD
  5. PVD, or Hot/Cold
  6. Wafer Size 1
  7. Wafer Size 2

Robot – Single or Dual Blade

Control System and Integration

  • Graphic User Interface based on Windows OS, with built in training notes.
    Operators, equipment and process engineers.
  • Control system based upon latest DeviceNet and PLC based system.
  • Brooks wafer and cassette handling is proven, reliable, flexible and used industry wide.
  • All files are fully accessible with logon and permission control. Data logging, parameter tracking, data management and easy maintenance.
  • EVOS has been successfully running in American production fab USA environment for > 2 years, with over 1.4 million wafer passes.
EVOS Display

Process Capability

  • DC and pulsed DC PVD sources
  • Base pressure transfer chamber better than 10 e-8 T
  • Typical dep rates > 1 micron/minutes
  • Typical thickness uniformity < 1% WIW
  • HT Degas and Pre-clean RF sputter etch and optimal RIE chemical etch.
  • Optimal chambers for orient, wafer flip
  • PVD chamber process kits for wafer pedestal, cooled, heated, biased
EVOS Process Capability Chart


EVOS specifications