Deptec’s Spectroptix® is a Remote Plasma Spectrometer (RPS) that works on the principle of creating an independent background plasma inside a vacuum chamber, then determines the species of the gas from analyzing the light spectrum omitted from the plasma. This allows the user to determine what materials are present in their vacuum chamber.


There are a number of advantages associated with this technology:

  1. Leak Detection
  2. Process Control
  3. Endpoint Detection

Thes can be of great use in Semiconductor, Surface Science, Analytical and Medical research and industries.

The RPS can perform many functions that an RGA is used for, in many cases more accurately, plus with a much lower purchase cost.

Spectroptix Logo
Spectroptix Unit


  • Optical Endpoint Detector Replacement for Novellus, Applied Materials and LAM Research Equipment
  • Replace single and dual wavelength endpoint detectors with faster multi wavelength optimised detectors. Over 5000 older generation detectors still in use in the field
  • Closed Loop Control of Gases for Reactive PVD Processes
  • Chamber Analysis
  • Replace RGA for vacuum chamber gaseous composition analysis. Faster response, easier to interpret through software customisation
  • Remote plasma option for remote analysis and easy integration. Customised high pressure plasma source allows higher operating pressures than standard RGA Systems


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Spectroptix Design that describes how the Spectroptix works

Spectroptix vs RGA

Spectroptix Vs RGA

Spectroptix EVOS Screenshots

Spectra Scan 200sccm Argon Flow - 2.85KW Plasma
Spectra Scan 200sccm Argon Flow - 2.85KW Plasma
Spectra Scan 100sccm Argon Flow - 2.85KW Niobium Plasma
Spectra Scan 100sccm Argon Flow - 2.85KW Niobium Plasma


Spectroptix Specifications Table