Novellus Legacy Refurbished Systems

Deptec can provide refurbished C1 and C2 Novellus legacy systems (sourced to order). We can also refurbish/upgrade your current Novellus system.

Novellus Concept One and Two

The Novellus Concept One and Two systems are proven PECVD workhorses in semiconductor wafer production, particularly for doped and undoped dielectric layers. First produced in the late 1980’s, the C1 is a FAB mainstay with around 1000 systems still operating in the world today and has a batch load lock and “Sequel” chamber that performs batch PECVD deposition with an integrated clean step.

The C2 came in the mid 1990’s and offered not only the Sequel chamber, but also an innovative “SPEED” chamber: Simultaneous Profile Evolution through Etch and Deposition.

Novellus C1

Refurbished Systems to suit your needs

Novellus Stages

At Deptec we offer refurbished systems (sourced to order) and we can also refurbish/upgrade your current Novellus system, including: 4/8” wafer conversion, gas box upgrades, TEOS cabinets, process qualifications, robot upgrades, control system upgrade, single/dual endpoint and others, contact us for more options.

Our in-house remanufacturing process, carried out at the Deptec 4500 square foot facility, including clean room for final test, is divided into 4 categories: The complete process is divided into 4 categories:

  1. Tear Down
  2. Sub Assemblies
  3. Main Assembly
  4. Final Test

Refurbished systems come with full installation and warranty for complete peace of mind, plus we offer systems components, consumables and second source parts to fully support you and the system.